FRIDAY & SATURDAY    APRIL 12 & 13, 2013  ✬  10AM - 5PM

Being Held In Our Manhattan Showrooms
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ADAM Column A fundamental key to the performance of ADAM speakers is the firm's X-ART driver, a ribbon folded into pleats that compress and expand in concert with audio signals. This transducer, which is unique to ADAM, moves air with remarkable efficiency, significantly reducing the distortion conventional piston drivers often cause. Scores of recording studios around the world rely on ADAM monitors. You’ll know why when, at this year's Lyric Show, you hear the firm’s home models, with their accurate, detailed sound. tightly focused imaging, startling dynamic capability and multi-dimensional sonic presence. You’ll also love their prices, which are far lower than this level of performance suggests. 


Audio Research CD9Audio Research founder William Zane Johnson, who died at age 85 in December 2011, was a gifted audio designer whose belief in tubes at a time when the world was abandoning them proved critical for serious home music listeners. Bill moved from retailing to manufacturing in 1970 and, during a long, unusually productive career, created generation after generation of components that broke sonic boundaries. The Audio Research Reference Series products you'll hear at this Show underscore the importance of this visionary high end designer's legacy.


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Autonomic MMS-5A serverAutonomic Mirage media servers are the most convenient — and most sophisticated — way to store and play all your standard resolution music files from the iTunes Store and other online vendors, hi-res files such as those downloaded from HDTracks and other audiophile providers, and streaming songs from popular online music services. The firm's MMS-5A not only lets you store files on its capacious Bowers & Wilkins 802 Diamond 1-Terabyte drive, but offers a cloud-based storage option as well. Naturally, an Autonomic app lets you control the company's servers from iDevices.                


Bowers & Wilkins stands proudly beside such heralded British brands as Burberry and Bentley. The company exports to dozens of countries, and it ranks first or second in premium speaker sales in most of them. Moreover, an overwhelming 98% of B&W owners queried in an independent poll said they were satisfied with their purchases. Bowers & Wilkins speakers have long been fixtures at London’s Abbey Road studios and are used in surround-sound configuration at the famed Skywalker Sound studios in California. Along with the B&W speakers at this year’s event, we’re showcasing new company products designed for streaming and on-the-go listening. Be sure to audition the headphones that Bowers & Wilkins now builds.


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ClasséClassé SSP-800, based just outside Montreal, employs numerous digital and analog experts along with specialists in software and mechanical engineering to develop and build its A/V electronics products. Along with a steadfast commitment to sonic fidelity and reliability, the company pays rigorous attention to operational simplicity. Industrial design is another priority, and the Classé commitment to the appearance of its products has resulted in exquisite components that complement the most elegantly appointed houses and apartments.

Datasat RS20iThe Datasat brand, which belongs to the company that acquired DTS Digital Cinema a few years ago, now appears on a select few consumer products. Each delivers the same sonic excellence that has propelled DTS technology (now known as Datasat Digital Sound) to the film sound industry’s forefront. Steven Spielberg was an original investor in DTS, and he utilized the technology in his 1993 blockbuster, Jurassic Park. The firm went on to win a Scientific and Engineering award at that year's Oscar ceremonies, and the process is now ubiquitous. Expanding from cinemas into homes was a logical move for a sound innovator like Datasat Digital. When you hear this cutting-edge company's very first home theater processor at our Show, you'll be glad it took that step.


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dCS Vivaldi DACThe dCS brand first appeared on professional audio equipment. When the company unveiled the world's first 24bit/192kHz consumer D/A converter in 1996, it was called Elgar, after the 20th century English composer. Lyric was among the first dealers in the U.S. to offer dCS consumer products, which continue to break new ground in the digital domain and continue to be named after classical composers. You'll understand just how appropriate that nomenclature is when you hear dCS components perform at this Lyric event.

Focal Stella Utopia EM 

Focal, is both France’s largest loudspeaker maker and a firm built on rock-solid audiophile thinking. Its prime mover is the founder, Jacques Mahul, an engineer with a genius for designing speaker drivers. One that deserves special mention is Focal’s composite W cone, which combines very fine tissues of woven glass with foam layering. For optimal performance, this ingenious transducer, now in its third generation, is customized for each of the specific cabinets in which it's used. The W cone graces the six-figure Grande Utopia EM, and it's a highlight of the Grande’s technological twin, the Stella Utopia EM, which is pictured here and which we're featuring at this year's Lyric Show. Fortunately for budget-minded buyers, the W cone is an integral part of numerous very affordable Focal models.


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Kaleidescape 3U ServerThe advanced video storage and distribution systems from Kaleidescape give you easy, fingertip control over a universe of stored movies, making it a snap to select and send similar or different program material to an unlimited number of rooms simultaneously as well as view it on mobile devices. The firm's servers will even bypass junk content, including annoying FBI warnings, and go right to the movie itself. You can now purchase individual movies and TV programs, or entire collections, at Kaleidescape's online store, which downloads them directly to Kaleidescape systems in up to five separate residences. An agreement the firm inked with Warner Bros. makes nearly 3,000 premium films and over 8,000 TV episodes available via download; A/V quality equals that of Blu-ray or DVD, and the bonus content that physical discs contain is included. When browsing at the Kaleidescape store, which iPhone and iPad apps make as easy as shopping gets, you'll see previous purchase notifications that prevent duplicate buys.

McIntosh MC2301 monoblock amp
The company that uses a similar name for its computers is a neophyte compared to the one that has been designing and building McIntosh audio products for more than 60 years. The esteemed firm's signature glass faceplates and blue amplifier power meters invariably proclaim consummate component quality as well as longevity, and they currently enhance some of McIntosh's best-ever models. At this year's Lyric Show, you can experience a McIntosh theater that incorporates the company's vaunted amps and related gear, including its MX151 Control Center, the newest McIntosh audio/video preamplifier. The MX151 has everything needed to operate today's most advanced home cinema installations, is designed for systems with as many as 12 channels, allows users to play different media in two separate zones simultaneously, and of course supports 3D video.

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Moon 800M Simaudio’s MOON electronics components, most of which are backed by a 10-year warranty, come with an exceptionally generous trade-up program that could let you apply your model’s full purchase price to a newer one with even more formidable performance. Simaudio builds every MOON product in its own Canadian factory, where it also designs some critical transistors and constructs massive power supplies for certain of its own units. State-of-the-art fabrication techniques prevail — computerized chassis machining that mills volume knobs to within 1/10,000th of an inch is just one example — and individual components must pass rigorous tests before being shipped. It’s no wonder the many MOON Nola KO models you’ll hear at this event, such as the 800 watt Evolution Series 880M monoblock power amp shown, are nothing less than spectacular.


Carl Marchisotto brought decades of audiophile experience to the company he founded in 2004 to build Nola loudspeakers, which since March 2012 have garnered no less that nine Editors’ Choice awards from The Absolute Sound magazine. Carl, who built his first speaker while still in his teens, made his professional debut at Dahlquist, where he modified Jon Dahlquist’s classic DQ10 and designed all the firm’s subsequent models from top to bottom. He and his wife, Marilyn, then founded Acarian Systems, and such exacting listeners as those writing for Britain’s HiFi+ magazine were quick to recognize its Alón-branded units. We're delighted to be featuring Carl's Nola Concert Grand Reference and his Nola KO at this year's event.


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Nordost Odin Speaker CableBy producing its own conductors, Nordost can exercise precise control over all the elements crucial to cable performance — they include materials, dimensions, and geometry — while insuring consistency within each of its variously-priced cable families. Home entertainment systems invariably employ several cable types, so this kind of scrutiny is an important criterion for prime performance. And prime is precisely the kind of performance you’ll experience when you audition Lyric's Show systems, nearly all of which incorporate cables from this internationally acclaimed, Massachusetts-based company.


VPI TravelerJust five years after Harry Weisfeld founded VPI Industries to build turntables, the Compact Disc landed on our shores, and countless pundits predicted the LP's demise. Harry persisted in spite of them, and his wizardry helped engender the analog renaissance that's now persuading more and more music fans, young and old alike, to turn eager ears to vinyl recordings. VPI has produced a string of winners over the decades, and they've all been made right here in the USA. The recently introduced Traveler, which we've pictured, is America's very own entry-level audiophile turntable.


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Seura TVThere was a time when television was an interior-design nightmare. (Think back on the massive, monolithic CRT units that marred otherwise flawless rooms!) Flat-panel monitors improved things considerably, and now Séura has taken the ultimate step with a series of models that become elegant wall mirrors when they're not in use. You’ll love the phenomenon of disappearing TV, and when you watch Séura monitors transform themselves, you'll agree they really are, as a company slogan suggests, the best television your friends will never see.


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This event is dedicated to Lyric's longtime owner, Mike Kay,
and his wife, Catherine, dear friends who died in 2012.
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